Eurasian Academy of Arts

The Eurasian Academy of Arts is an international organisation for research and support in the field of culture and art.

The Academy aims to promote the preservation and development of the spiritual aspect, which is one of the most important spheres of human life. Building a truly harmonious and prosperous society is possible based on spirituality and culture.

In its work, the Eurasian Academy of Arts is guided by the following goals and tasks:

  • Comprehensive assistance to the development of Culture and Art in the Eurasian community and around the world.
  • Enhancing the authority of Culture and Art as public and social phenomena in the Eurasian community and beyond.
  • Participation in the legislative process in order to further improve the legal framework in the field of culture and art, providing state patronage of Culture and Art.
  • Strengthening and development of constructive interaction among governments, businesses and cultural institutions, philanthropy development.
  • Comprehensive development and participation in educational activities in the sphere of Culture and Art.

  • Provision of scientific, organizational and other assistance in the implementation of cultural programs and research projects aimed at development of Art.
  • Promotion and comprehensive support in the publication of materials, textbooks, reference and educational literature devoted to the development of art.
  • Consolidation of philanthropists and art community, assistance of the activities of Cultural and Art institutions.
  • Involvement of prominent cultural figures as well as people, who assist creative projects, as well as members of the Academy on a regular basis in order to unite, share experience, organize cooperation and coordinate efforts for the preservation and development of the Eurasian and world culture.

The Eurasian Academy of Arts provides:

  • Research in the field of art and support for a variety of research activities in this area.
  • Study of contemporary art, promoting the development of promising new genres and directions.
  • Organisation of charity exhibitions, concerts, plays and other cultural events.

  • Support and development of children's creativities, contests of young performers.
  • Promotion and actualization of classical and contemporary art.
  • Participation in the preservation of cultural heritage.
  • Support and encouragement of philanthropy in the field of culture and art.

International activities of the Eurasian Academy of Arts

  • Meetings of culture and art representatives from the Eurasian countries.
  • International forum designed to contribute to the strengthening of cultural relations of the Turkic world and the world of culture.
  • Charitable campaigns that promote and support the development of culture and art at the international level.


Honorary Member of the Eurasian Academy of Arts

Assigning of the title of Honorary Member of the Eurasian Academy of Arts is the highest form of encouragement for achievements in the field of culture and art, as well as the formation of public consciousness on the basis of spiritual and moral ideals.

It is awarded for outstanding service to the community aimed at the development of culture and art, preservation and enhancement of the spiritual and cultural potential of the people, care for objects of cultural heritage of the Eurasian world and the world culture.


The Eurasian Academy of Arts is developing international activities based on the fact that the language of art is an international means of communication among representatives of different peoples and cultures; it performs an essential unifying and peacekeeping mission.

It is necessary to create a strong creative platform allowing to carry out large-scale international campaigns and festivals aimed at rapprochement of people of different nationalities and religions, and the development of international diplomacy, strengthening of peace and harmony on the planet.

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